V2 Station Information

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Re: V2 Station Information

Post by N9FB » 28 Jan 2020, 03:29

Since I dont need LOG4OM V2 to look up a membership number for me (it is something I lookup externally and enter into the logging program myself anyway), a workaround i found is this: i will just input the respective club # in the "Comment" section because then it does shows up in the columns displayed when I choose the "Recent QSOs (F7)" tab. From there I can also detach the QSO's for review or copy them into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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Re: V2 Station Information

Post by KI5IO » 28 Jan 2020, 04:52


Good evening. BTW - check your gmail account as I sent you a message from my e-mail at 05:48 this AM.

Anyway, below are a couple links for some of the data you might be looking for. You might be able to download files as well.

SKCC Membership Roster: https://www.skccgroup.com/membership_da ... roster.php

SKCC Member Lookup: https://www.skccgroup.com/membership_da ... r_info.php

OMISS Roster Information: http://www.omiss.net/Facelift/rosters.php

Under current V2 configuration I put the SKCC name and number in the drop-down area at the F5 Tab. I also put the OMs SKCC # in the Notes field.

You've noted a good plan to work around certain elements that we have not yet turned on in V2.

Thanks much for you questions and observations.
73 - Nolan Kienitz - KI5IO
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Re: V2 Station Information

Post by W8ES » 30 Jan 2020, 16:59

If you're interested in downloading the SKCC membership database, you can find it here:

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