LOG4OM & Fldigi on different machines

Regarding connecting to external program's.
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LOG4OM & Fldigi on different machines

Post by nigelspear » 27 Jan 2019, 12:01


My current configuration has every piece of software on the same windows 10 machine - all now works nicely - thanks Terry!

Im considering a new configuration where Fldigi and Flrig are on a raspberry pi, but Log4OM remains on the Windows 10 box (all on the same home network)
My Icom 7300 will be connected to the Pi via USB and controlled by Flrig - this works well

I want to somehow get the frequency and mode sent to Log4OM for logging - ie I want to do the logging on Log4om

Looking at the config options on Log4om (for fldigi integration on Communicator) it looks like I should be able to change the address of Fldigi from localhost to the ip address of the PI. A few hours of experimentation hasnt got it to work.
Obviously in this configuration Log4OM isn't doing any CAT control as neither Omnirig or Hamlrig are connected to the 7300 - but you have to select one or the other

Is what Im trying to do possible or am I pursuing the impossible?


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