Marconi Day 2020

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Marconi Day 2020

Post by OE6CLD » 18 Sep 2020, 12:17

I have uploaded an award definition for the Marconi Day 2020 event from the Cantabria DX Team (MD_2020). For an award you have to work special Marconi stations in Italy (all starting with IY prefix) from the 14th until the 23rd of September 2020.

Don't mix this up with the International Marconi Day IMD in April with a lot of activity from different countries.

You can find all details here: (in Italian).

Valid bands: 160-80-40-30-20-17-15-12-10-6m
Modes: CW, SSB, digital modes (FT8/FT4, RTTY, PSK)

1 point: digital modes (FT8/FT4, RTTY, PSK)
2 points: SSB
3 points: CW

This means you can work any valid station 3 times on every band (CW, SSB and digital modes), valid for 3+2+1=6 points.

For an award you will need at least 30 points.

You can check the logs and download the award here:

Please note that Log4OM only will show the worked stations and will not calculate the points for the different modes. You can check the worked modes on the "Statistics" tab.
MD_2020_Statistics.jpg (149.11 KiB) Viewed 1008 times
You can see that I worked 3 CW stations (9 points), 5 stations in digital modes (3 on 40m, 2 on 30m = 5 points) and 3 in SSB (6 points). In total I have 9+5+6 = 20 points so I need 10 more points for the award.

Have fun!


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